Wednesday, September 16, 2009

If you are a movie buff, Bombay is the movie to watch. It's so good, I had goosebumps on both my hands throughout. It's so sensuous and sensitive and at the same time, sensible. Given that Mani Ratnam has directed it, there is not much to be surprised about for he always comes up with fantastic movies but nonetheless, appreciating a superb work never did anybody any harm. I loved it for it's romance, picture and the themes it works on. Acting is naturally outstanding ( c'mon, it's Mani Ratnam!) and so is the music, again not surprising it's A. R. Rehman- he always comes up with something new and exicting. It's music so tempting for its newness, coolness and ear-soothing nature that it automatically becomes pleasing and refreshing. ( The movie came in 1995 and still it has this effect on school and college goers!)
The best thing about this movie, after direction, is the picturisation and cinematography. Camera work is fantastic and it captures everything in its earnestness.Picture work is simply exotic- the locales of South India showcase true nature in it's purity. The love affair of the protagonists is shot in complelete chastity and aesthete defines the first half while the second half explores and highlights politics of the futility of communal hatred alongwith the hyper-sensitive mob. The combination of the specific and the general is beautifully done.
Just watch this one to believe it, it's so much more than a worthwatch...